Black and White - Dave Gartner
Hvitserkur in Fog

Hvitserkur in Fog

The bizarrely-eroded lava pillar Hviterskur, sitting just off the coast of Húnafjörđur, is a magnet for visitors despite a fairly remote location. A new viewing platform had been constructed overlooking the rock stack, and there was a new visitor center up on the highway.

I had seen numerous pictures of Hviterskur when planning to visit Iceland, and all those pictures came during better weather than I had: thick fog. The fog was a bit of an insult, too, since the skies were clear less than 5km south, away from the waters of the fjord. But there's no predicting the fog in Iceland, so there was no use in either waiting for it to clear or getting upset about it. I trooped out onto the beach to do what I could.

I found that I could walk nearly around the rock - perhaps it was low tide - to a black-sand beach. This gave me the best angle for the conditions. I also found that all my pictures were already mostly black and white, what with the fog and sand, so I converted them in post-processing.

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