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Bakkagerđi is a small town at the end of Highway 94, tucked in the broad fjord Borgarfjörđur Eystri. The town is often called the name of the fjord, and to make it even more confusing, there's another Borgarfjörđur on the opposite side of Iceland.

The tour books usually call this town "cute", which it is, but it is also spread-out and random in the way towns in the far north (of Iceland, Canada and Alaska) often are. It is not the quaint, compact sort of cute you find in New England.

There are three good reasons to drive out to this remote corner of Iceland: it's a beautiful drive; there is a sizable colony of puffins just outside of town; and local eatery Álfacafé served the best bowl of fish soup we had in all of Iceland.

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