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Gođafoss in north-central Iceland.

Gođafoss - waterfall of the gods - is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in a country filled with them. Like Niagara Falls, it's not particularly tall (only 12 meters, in fact), but it has a stunning horseshoe shape with numerous different channels.

Unlike Niagara Falls, there is no development around this waterfall - just a restaurant and hotel a quarter mile away, and a small parking lot. And, as with so many other places in Iceland, it is possible to walk wherever you want, going right up to the water's edge (or the edge of the cliffs). There are no railings, barriers, warning signs, or security personnel out to keep people away. At Gođafoss there weren't even any lights on at night (as there were at Seljalandsfoss). It is rare to see natural beauty in such a natural state.

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