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Glowing Valley

Glowing Valley

This picture is something of a miracle. Rachel and I had eaten dinner in Hólar, at a picnic table in the clump of trees you see behind the steeple. The whole time, I was watching a bank of fog begin rising up the valley, knowing that it would snuff out my photography. I thought I had enough time - the fog appeared to be moving slowly - so I walked around the church slowly, photographing it from every angle, snapping some shots of the mountains, enjoying a lovely evening. And then all of a sudden: the fog was on.

On the drive in, I had seen what looked like a fantastic vantage point, and figured I'd stop along the road on the way out. Now, suddenly, that vantage was being swallowed up by a suffocating Icelandic fog. I ran back to the van, got Rachel bundled in, and peeled away.

The fog overtook us on the short drive out of Hólar, and when I came to my vantage point, I simply stopped the van right in the middle of the road. I'd been driving with my camera in my lap, and I ran across the road, flopped down in a bed of golden dandelions, and started firing off pictures.

Sometimes you get lucky. At that moment, the fog opened up just enough, allowing a brilliant golden light to flood over Hólar. It's the sort of light that you just can't get under any other conditions. It turned out I had two minutes. But I was there at exactly the right two minutes. This may be my very favorite picture I took in all of Iceland.


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