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Church Flowers

Church Flowers

Only a few kilometers east of Reynisfjara lies the southernmost point in Iceland, the town of Vík. "Vík" is a simple word, meaning bay, and plenty of places in Iceland have this name, either singly or in combination (e.g., Reykjavík), so you sometimes see this town identified as Vík í Mýrdal. It's a small town, even by Icelandic standards, and it does not have a lot of touristy things in it. What seemed to be the big draw was in fact the town church, perched up on a hill overlooking the town and surrounded by massive fields of purple lupines.

Lupines are native to Alaska, and were imported to Iceland in an effort to control erosion. It worked…perhaps too well. The plant has run over parts of Iceland, displacing native vegetation. But if lupines are driving out some species, they are attracting people: more than a few people were prowling around Vík shooting the flowers and not the church or the town and beach below.

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