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One Lane Bridge

One Lane Bridge

At the river Núpsá, the Ring Road enters the Skeiđarársandur - a 40-km long expanse of barren, flat wastelands. This land, which can look like a desert at times, is formed by frequent flooding from nearby glaciers. Millions of tons of rock, silt and sediment are washed out of the mountains and deposited on the flat plains, creating one of the most alien landscapes in all Iceland.

Iceland is a small country, having not much more than 300,000 people, and far away from Reykjavík there is not much traffic. It makes sense that many of the rural roads would be narrow. Still, I was surprised to see one-lane bridges on Highway 1, the country's major highway. Some of these bridges, like this one over the Núpsá, are quite long…so long, in fact, that you can't see the other end once you start driving on it. There are pullouts, wide spots in the bridge, every few hundred meters, to allow traffic to pull over. Does this sound nuts to you?

Considering I spent about 20 minutes walking across the bridge and taking pictures, I found the pullouts quite useful. But still nuts.

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