Sunrise and Sunset - Dave Gartner
Lagarfljót Twilight

Lagarfljót Twilight

After hiking up to Fardagafoss, we backtracked through Egilsstađir - something that would recur about half a dozen times - and went south to Lagarfljót. This long lake looks like a sea serpent on a map, and the lake has for centuries been rumored to hold its own monster, called simply the Worm. Apparently it's a big enough deal (search for "Iceland Worm Monster" on youtube) that it fuels tourism in the area. We saw a bunch of signs, information boards and turnouts devoted to the Worm. We overheard other people talking about it. It seemed like wishful thinking to me.

Opting to not bust out my telephoto lens in hopes of photographing the Worm, I instead climbed a rocky outcrop to grab some sunset pictures. This one was taken at 9:50 pm, looking straight north over Highway 931 and its one-lane bridge across the river Kilfá.

We had read in two tour books that the campgrounds along Lagarfljót got rowdy on summer weekends. But on this Saturday evening, the last day of May, we seemed to have nearly the entire lake to ourselves. We saw only a few other people the whole evening.

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