Sunrise and Sunset - Dave Gartner
Steamy Sunglow

Steamy Sunglow

Hverir from Námafjall

Next to Hverir is a small mountain called Námafjall which sits directly on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are tearing apart, moving in opposite directions, and along that ridge magma from the earth's core has, in some spots such as this, made its way almost to the surface. This has produced the steam vents, mud pots, mineral deposits and volcanoes of Iceland.

Despite the ongoing ejection of steam and mineral-rich water from the earth here, the area is quite safe to walk around, and so I did. A little after 11pm, I went out to hike up Námafjall. This is the view from its northern shoulder, looking back over Hverir. The sun, low on the horizon behind my back (in the northwest), cast a halo of pink twilight across the mountain tops beyond me.


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