Sunrise and Sunset - Dave Gartner
Moon over Mývatn

Moon over Mývatn

Crescent moon over Mývatn at 12:40 am on June 4.

After leaving Hverir, Rachel and I went to Dimmuborgir - never mind that it was after midnight. The light was so good I didn't want to give it up.

Dimmuborgir is another alien landscape, of bizarre lava pillars carved into intricate shapes that, with some imagination, resemble Iceland's famed 12 Yule Lads. I dutifully took some pictures of these, although I didn't think any of them turned out particularly well. (Perhaps taking pictures of black lava shrouded in shade after midnight is not the best strategy.)

However, the view from the parking lot at Dimmuborgir offered a stunning overlook of the crystalline waters of Mývatn to the north and a colorful sunset to the north. So it was a stop well taken.


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