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Ice Lagoon 4

Ice Lagoon 4

A couple hours after the previous picture, the skies lightened, some twilight colors crept in, and everything at Jokulsárlón took on a different tone. This was taken past 9:30 at night - which is practically early in the day, as far as photography is concerned. But even though conditions were amazing, there were only about half a dozen people left outside, widely scattered. This meant that I didn't have to compete with other photographers for space to shoot pictures. Of course, Jokulsárlón is one of those places that is so out-of-this-world fabulous that every inch of it is a good spot to take a picture.

From what I have heard, the lagoon is a different place during the day (well, between 9 and 5). There is a cafe that is open, there are numerous tour buses stopping by, boat tours of the lagoon, and other features. On a sunny day, there would certainly be more contrast, which would affect photography. Perhaps during those hours, the experience would be somewhat different, and the views filled with other visitors. But the five evening hours I spent there were just about perfect.

Because I have so many interesting pictures from Jokulsárlón, I'll be posting more of them in a separate album - look for those coming soon!

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