Sunrise and Sunset - Dave Gartner
Hella Sunset

Hella Sunset

Iceland is full of jaw-dropping natural wonders and major tourist attractions. One could spend two weeks doing little besides flitting about the country, checking out the places the tour books identify as must-see.

I began seeing on my first day in Iceland, however, that the entire country is incredibly beautiful - not just the headline attractions. My first real awakening to this occurred in Hella, a small, nondescript town that the tour books say is useful only in being a place to get gas on the way to something else. And while we were getting gas, I looked around, and this is what I saw - rolling hills, distant mountains, towering clouds and gleaming sunset colors. And I thought: this is the uninteresting part of Iceland?! Am I in some sort of photographer's heaven?

The answer, as it unfolded repeatedly over the next thirteen days, was an emphatic Yes!

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