Sunrise and Sunset - Dave Gartner


Hallormsstađurskógur (don't cough) is Iceland's largest forest. Shielded from harsh winters on the eastern side of Lagarfljót, these trees have been protected for more than a century. As most of Iceland was completely denuded by settlers desperate for building materials and fuel, this was about the only remaining patch of trees in 1907. That year, the nation's forestry service was founded, and its initial efforts focused on protecting this forest, as well as enlarging it with both native and imported species. Today, it's so wooded you could almost forget it's in Iceland. There are many kilometers of hiking trails, multiple wooded campsites, and a hotel so snugged in by woods that I missed it twice.

I took this picture at 11:25 pm, facing south (away from the setting sun). The sun's path through the sky takes it on such a shallow dip beneath the horizon that Iceland often receives 360-degree sunsets.

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